I, the Worst of All Featured in June PotLatch Poetry Newsletter

If you haven’t already done so, I highly suggest checking out James Belflower’s website PotLatch Poetry which is a forum for gifting and trading books of poetry.  It’s a nice use of the Internet to enable writers to exchange books with other writers.

In the meantime, here’s some Georges Bataille:

“The true luxury and the real potlatch of our times falls to the poverty-stricken, that is, to the individual who lies down and scoffs.  A genuine luxury requires the complete contempt for riches, the somber indifference of the individual who refuses to work and makes his life on the one hand an infinitely ruined splendor, and on the other, a silent insult to the laborious lie of the rich.”
—from The Accursed Share


If you are interested in any of these brand new books go to www.PotLatchpoetry.org and request them. Remember everything on PotLatch is either free or for trade so hurry!

If you are interested in being a featured poet or press go to http://www.potlatchpoetry.org/newsletter or email james.belflower@gmail.com

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Julie Carr: Equivocal
Geof Huth and mIEKAL aND: Texistence
Micole Mauro: Tax-Dollar Super Sonnet
Michael Leong’s Translation: I, the Worst of All by Estela Lamat

Julie Carr’s: second collection Equivocal, explores the elements of chance and mystery that determine human identity and relationships. In delving into the human fascination with the self’s story and the boundaries between the self and others (including family), these poems pose often unanswerable questions, but the reader delights in the wit and artistry used to explore them. From Alice James Books.
Geof Huth and mIEKAL aND: Texistence There is a trick or two to writing a 300-page book and typesetting it in two days. One is to have two people work on the book, and the other is to require only one word per page. And that is what mIEKAL aND and I did on June 29th and 30th in West Lima, Wisconsin: We wrote a book of 300 collaborative pwoermds, certainly the longest book of pwoermds ever and, to my knowledge, the only collaborative pwoermds ever made. From Xerox Sutra Editions.
Nicole Mauro’s Tax-Dollar Super Sonnet is a limited edition 20-page chapbook of choice phrasings from presidents 43 back to 35 (W. to Kennedy) in “super-sonnet” form, as culled from various presidential speeches. Contained in red, white and blue striped fabric, with sewn asterisks for stars. Designed, published and distributed by Dawn Pendergast for year 3 of the Dusie chapbook Kollektive.
Estela Lamat’s I, the Worst of All Translated by Michael Leong is a crucial expression of the Latin American feminine voice as it draws upon the baroque poet Sor Juana Inés de la Cruz and the folkloric figure of La Llorona, the weeping woman. Lamat, who also authored Sangre Seca (2005), is associated with the so-called “novisima” generation and this is the first translation of her work into English. According to Héctor Hernández Montecinos, “I, the Worst of All is a lucidly difficult, serenely dreadful, and incomparably obsessive text, but for this very reason, this illuminating catastrophe is a work that will bolster…[a:] new generation of young Latin American poets.” From Blaze Vox Books.

~ by Michael Leong on June 20, 2009.

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