ACTION, YES Vol. 1, Issue 10 (Summer 2009)

Check out the new issue of Action, Yes, a fantastic on-line journal edited by Johannes Göransson, Joyelle McSweeney, and John Dermot Woods.

From the comfort and convenience of one´s computer chair, one can encounter a dazzling array of diverse work (including abstract comics and visual poetry as well as my translations of three new prose poems by Estela Lamat.)

I´m also particularly pleased to find within this issue “Thirty Five New Pages,” a translation of the Russian conceptualist Lev Rubinstein by Phil Metres and Tatiana Tulchinsky.  In an issue of Bird Dog Magazine, I reviewed Rubinstein´s Catalogue of Comedic Novelties (2003)—also translated by Metres and Tulchinsky—and identified what I called Rubinstein´s “subjunctive poetics.”  “Thirty Five New Pages” is another text teeming with potentialities and my description of Catalogue nicely fits with this endlessly suggestive work:

[Catalogue] is interactive, engaging, and sometimes exhausting as a good workout should be. The reader is constantly implicated in the meaning making process of the poem, invited to fill in the blanks, to recreate the context from a series of intriguing and mysterious clues. Reading Rubinstein indeed strengthens one’s imaginative muscles, but it is importantly a ludic as well as callisthenic activity. His poems are funny, utterly playful, “comedic” to use his own description, yet not without pathos.

~ by Michael Leong on June 23, 2009.

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