Stalactite Chandelier goes TMZ: Jim Jarmusch @ Jinn!

A weird instance of synchronicity: Last night I was having a few pitchers at the Grassroots Tavern with my friend Sean Barry, talking about how Jim Jarmusch’s Dead Man is one of the best post-Westerns of all time, and tonight, I’m having sushi with Estela Lamat on the Lower East Side at one of my favorite sushi restuarants, Jinn, and in strolls none other than Jim Jarmusch with, among others, Larry Fessenden (the guy who punches Bill Murray in Broken Flowers)! In fact, my appreciative review of The Limits of Control was the first real substantial post that I did for this blog… at one point tonight, Jarmusch and Fessenden seemed to be checking out a copy of the Limits soundtrack—which is awesome, by the way… so now I know that Jarmusch is not only a great director but he also has great taste in sushi.

~ by Michael Leong on August 30, 2009.

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