esp_smallI’m happy to announce that e.s.p. is now available at Amazon.com, but it is also available for pre-order at the Silenced Press website for a $4 discount.

While $4 can’t quite get you a round-trip journey on the NYC subway, $4 can buy you a) a snazzy “These Things We Do” decal, b) two bags of Rite Aid Regular Cotton Balls, or c) a 3-pack of Joe Boxer Girl’s Low Quarter Mesh Power Stripe Socks.  Think of the savings in these penny pinching times!

Thanks are in order to my editor, Michael Alfaro, for making this beautiful book a reality and also to Kevin Killian and Estela Lamat for their kind and wonderful blurbs.


Michael Leong pursues what he calls a “ludic inarticulacy” throughout the pages of e.s.p., and like all great adventures, the chase is as good as the capture.  He’s got a wonderful sense of humor, combined with a magician’s ease and the biggest wand in three counties.  Puns, acronyms, anagrams, plays on words abound, though in the service of some deeper feeling.  It’s all in what you don’t see, but when the shell game’s over, you’ll be feeling Leong’s words stitched on the inside of your pockets.

—Kevin Killian


Michael Leong is a flâneur of language, an architect of intellectual oases, a slap to the gland of boredom and easy poetry, a magician that articulates undomesticated verses with elegance and intelligence. Leong agitates the page and plays with it, he anticipates language, he folds it, he breaks it into pieces of infinite and impeccable meanings as a wise child making figures of origami.

—Estela Lamat

~ by Michael Leong on August 31, 2009.

4 Responses to “e.s.p.!”

  1. congrats on the new book, which is tremendously playful and conceptual in all sorts of ways!

    • Thanks so much, Phil! I appreciate the regards–and I’m glad you enjoyed the book’s “ludic inarticulacy.”

  2. Michael, This is a beautiful book!! I was struck by your impeccable dominion of language; it is so playful and bright. My favorite so far: “Catcalls from an imaginary city.”

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