The Multifarious Array!

For you New York area folks, be sure to catch the next installment of The Multifarious Array.

Jennifer Karmin, Michael Leong & Estela Lamat
This Friday, September 25th, 7pm

Pete’s Candy Store
709 Lorimer Street
Williamsburg, Brooklyn
(718) 302-3770

in my hat
I keep colorful handkerchiefs united by invisible connections
that only you know
because only you accept this page when nothing can conceal the night…
—from “Every poem is a hat”
Estela Lamat, I, the Worst of All, tr. Michael Leong

And here’s Sommer Browning’s bad-ass poster for the Fall Schedule.

MA fall 2009

~ by Michael Leong on September 19, 2009.

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