Big Other!

I’ve just joined a new online venture, a kind of collective blog, called Big Other which is the brainchild of John Madera.

“BIG OTHER is an online forum of iconoclasts and upstarts focusing its lens on books, music, comics, film, video and animation, paintings, sculpture, performance art, and miscellaneous nodes and sonic booms. We will explore how we are made and unmade by images, language, and sound; examine computer-mediated worlds; and dance along with various tumults, genre- and other border-crossings, trespassings, transgressions, and whatever, nevermind.”

Other contributors include Leni Zumas, John Dermot Woods, Sean Lovelace, Jac Jemc, Christopher Higgs, Greg Gerke, Molly Gaudry, Luca Dipierro, Kim Chinquee, and Ryan W. Bradley— I’ll be looking forward to reading what they have to say. Already there are some eye-opening posts.

I just posted my first entry called “American Poetry & The Contemporary Cartoon: From Robert Pinsky to Patrick the Starfish” which contextualizes my previous post “SpongeBob SquarePants and the Value of Bad Poetry” within a larger context of cartoons (like The Simpsons and The Family Guy) that also talk about poetry. Check it out!

~ by Michael Leong on October 19, 2009.

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