Belated Apocalypse

The belated Apocalypse Anthology has just been released by Flying Guillotine Press in an electronic edition!  The anthology includes one of my translations of Estela Lamat along with a host of many talented others:

Josh Kleinberg, Thom Donovan, Brennen Wysong, Ben Fama, Leslie Anne Mcilroy, Rob Ostrom, Gregory Bem, Toni Browning, Brett Price, Nathan Logan, Nellie Bridge, Jefferson Carter, Elisa Gabbert & Kathleen Rooney, Matthew Everett, Stephanie Anderson, Francis Raven, Melissa Koosmann, Douglas Piccinnini, Dolan Morgan, Paul Siegell, Mark Terrill, Kate Schapira, Kristi Maxwell, Christine Leclerc, Sommer Browning, Adam Roberts, Lauren Harrison, Tony Mancus, Sarah Heller, Brandon Shimoda, John Ebersole, Vincent Zompa, Tom Oristaglio, Alex Cuff, Ally Harris, Jeff Hawkinson, Steven Karl, Jen Currin, J. Townsend, Eleanor Payntor, Dave Carillo, Steven Breyak, Cate Peebles, Nate Pritts, Frank Sherlock, Esther K. Smith, Emily Brandt, Mathias Svalina, Dan Chelotti, Michael Rerick, Leigh Stein, Joe Fletcher, Martin Rock, and Theresa Sotto.

Check out the destruction!  And if you’ve got a chapbook manuscript lying about or lurking on your hard drive, send it to Flying Guillotine before their open reading period ends on Nov. 15th.

~ by Michael Leong on October 30, 2010.

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