Stride Magazine’s Picks of 2010

I’m grateful to see that UK-based Stride Magazine included my chapbook Midnight’s Marsupium in their “Editor’s Picks of 2010.”  Here’s their full poetry list:

The Method Men, David Briggs (Salt)
The Cloud Corporation, Timothy Donnelly (Wave)
Pitch. Drafts 77-95, Rachel Blau DuPlessis (Salt)
Words for Empty and Words for Full, Bob Hicok (Pittsburgh)
First Fire, then Birds, H.L. Hix (Etruscan)
Dreams of the Caucasus, Norman Jope (Shearsman)
Midnight’s Marsupium, Michael Leong (Knives, Forks and Spoons)
Mean Free Path, Ben Lerner (Copper Canyon)
Early Autumn, Geoffrey O’Brien (Salt)
The Gift of Boats, Jane Routh (Smith/Doorstop)
Sandgrain and Hourglass, Penelope Shuttle (Bloodaxe)
A Curious Shipwreck, Steve Spence (Shearsman)
Is Music. Selected Poems, John Taggart (Copper Canyon)

I feel honored to be mentioned among such fine company — many of these folks are my favorite poets.  Thanks to the editors for their attention and to my publisher Alec Newman for supporting such an unconventional project.

~ by Michael Leong on December 20, 2010.

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