I got the inaugural issue of Eccolinguistics in the mail this weekend — I’ve got an excerpt from a new poem there and I’m excited to check out the cool looking work within its pages.

I’m passing along a note from editor Jared Schickling:

Dear All,

We are now accepting work for issue 2 of ECCOLINGUISTICS:

Issue 1 has shipped to Australia, Belgium, Canada, England, Italy, Uganda, and of course, the lower forty-eight.

THANK YOU to all who have participated.

Contributors in issue 1: John Bloomberg-Rissman, Steve Dalachinsky, Patrick James Dunagan, Whit Griffin, W. Scott Howard, Mary Kasimor, Michael Leong, E. J. McAdams, Deborah Meadows, Jonathan Minton, Richard Owens, Nate Pritts, Chuck Richardson, Andrew Schelling, Brandon Shimoda, Tyrone Williams

Subscriptions are free; if you are interested in receiving future copies, please send your mailing address to:

ECCOLINGUISTICS is distributed in hard copy only.  The list of 200 will be maintained, altered and expanded as opportunity, subscription, and desire presents itself.

Issues take shape around the work that arrives.  If you have something you would like to send, we would like to see it. 

ECCOLINGUISTICS is an aspect of Delete Press:

If you are interested, please do visit the site (, send work, and / or subscribe.  It’s free.

Jared Schickling

~ by Michael Leong on January 23, 2011.

4 Responses to “ECCOLINGUISTICS”

  1. nice. just got mine in the mail yesterday–tho am waiting to open & read till tonight. glad to see i’ll read yr work. //d

  2. Thanks, David. I’m glad to see those nice Dalachinsky collages to accompany the texts.

  3. Dear Michael,

    Would prefer to write you secretly, but am not smart enough.

    I’ve really enjoyed your posts at Big Other, and was pleased to be wildered by the excerpt in ecolinguistics. Great stuff.

    I’d be very interested in seeing the full thing and I imagine I’d like to write something about your work somewhere, maybe HTMLGIANT. Would you be willing to send me chapbooks? I’d especially like the Naissance and splitleaves titles, which I’d also display at Flying Object ( I could order them, too, if you don’t have copies. Or/and trade you anything from this list:

    I think you’d like Lewis Freedman’s stuff, esp.

    sub-sub librarian
    minutes BOOKS
    Table X, AWP

    • Thanks, Nat, for getting in touch! I had my email posted here but took it down for reasons I don’t remember…I just put it back up. I’ll be writing to your gmail account shortly…

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