Flatlander Underground: v 1.5 Fall-Winter 2010 (Natural | Disasters)

Check it out!  In this new issue, I’ve got a collage/scrapbook work that meditates upon natural and unnatural disasters through the lens of popular cinema and a translation from Estela Lamat’s apocalyptic series “The Book of Revelation According to St. Carolina.”

Here’s the issue statement:

“Famines do not ‘occur,’ they are organised by the grain trade.” -Bertolt Brecht
We witness the deadly effects of the worst marine oil spill of all time as we compile this issue of FU. In previous issues we’ve investigated other weather disasters: storms and droughts, fires and floods. In this issue we want to continue our exploration of the unnatural, or manmade, forces that result in so-called “natural disasters.”  

As always, we are interested in different scales of weather here: the intersections of personal and group disasters; weather as feeling, weather as thought. We invite submissions that interrogate either side of the dividing line between “natural” and “disaster,” the union of the two terms, or the dividing line itself. All forms of writing and art are welcome.

I like the dense and creepy organicism of Melanie Ross’ cover photo above.  Thanks to the FU for inviting me to be a guest contributor!

~ by Michael Leong on February 14, 2011.

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