Blackbox Manifold: No. 6 (March 2011)

The new issue of Blackbox Manifold, “an online forum with a slant towards innovative poetry that  has prose, narrative, or sequences in its sights,” is now up.

There’s really fabulous work in the issue by Niall Campbell, Joseph Donahue, Howie Good, Chris Hardy, Morgan Harlow, Carla Harryman, Christine Herzer, Ishion Hutchinson, Andy Jackson, Rod Mengham, Mary Noonan, Frederick Pollack, David Prater, Rufo Quintavalle, Ron Silliman, Matthew Sweeney, Jon Thompson, John Welch, J.T. Welsch.  There’s also a special section in tribute to Edwin Morgan and book reviews on Bernard Spencer and Ronaldo Wilson.

I’ve got two collage pieces in the issue : one of them, “My Stare is a Standing Prisoner,” was written for Opium’s Literary Death Match back in December, and the other, “Politics and the English Language,” was the piece that inspired the method for the last two manuscripts I wrote. 

And browse around the journal’s archives if you have time; it’s really a high-quality publication.

~ by Michael Leong on March 14, 2011.

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