eccolinguistics 3

The third issue of eccolinguisticsan adventurous new zine that can be had for free by subscription, has just hit my mailbox: there’s a snippet from my conceptual/collage project The Philosophy of Decomposition/Re-compostion as Explanation (Delete Press, forthcoming) as well as really interesting work by Michael Basinski, John M. Bennett, Jasper Brinton, Joel Chace, Steve Dalachinsky, Nicholas DeBoer, Dot Devota, Whit Griffin, Angela Hume, Brenda Iijima, Caroline Knapp, Abdellatif LaâbiE. J. McAdams, Philip Meersman, Marc Pietrzykowski, Chuck Richardson, Micah Robbins, Jamie Sharpe, Page Hill Starzinger, Brad Vogler, and Mark Wallace.

All of the images and texts are presented side by side in two columns with titles but no authorial attribution, creating–momentarily (the authors are all listed on the back page)–a sense of what Caroline Bergvall has recently called “&onymity”: a “l&nguage” collectivity.

I was also remined of what Jed Rasula calls “the compost library”:

The notion of a ‘compost library’ arose when I began carefully placing certain extracts side by side without authorial distinction.  It’s worth recalling that this tactic was also indebted to those influential if too easily misconstrued essays by Roland Barthes (“The Death of the Author”) and Michel Foucault (“What Is an Author?”), along with the notion of intertextuality developed by Julia Kristeva and Barthes.  Eventually, I recognized the implications for a body of poetry written in and for a community, however loosely defined.

eccolinguistics has exactly this kind of communal impulse.  Do submit and subscribe!

~ by Michael Leong on May 13, 2011.

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