eccolinguistics 1.4

The good folks at Delete Press have proliferated eccolinguistics 1.4 throughout the postal system…a truly intriguing and intense textual collocation.  My humble contribution is an excerpt from an appropriative ecopoetic project in progress; earlier sections can be found here and here.

Also be sure to check out the new eccolinguistics website.  It may be the smartest blogspot-based site that I’ve ever seen. 

1.4 // John M. Bennett // Jasper Brinton // Joel Chace // Matthew Cooperman // Steve Dalachinsky // Nicholas DeBoer // Geoffrey Gatza // Crane Giamo // Jeff Harrison // j/j hastain // Brenda Iijima // Mary Kasimor // Michael Leong // Jamie Townsend // John J. Trause // Jeffrey Cyphers Wright

eccolinguistics takes the work it receives and solicits (with a preference for unsolicited work, encouraging the unknown) and weaves what it selects together into a laser-inked excursion that is free and can be had by requesting it (and that’s not even necessary, arriving in the mail regardless) // eccolinguistics loves donations of work (especially), stamps, envelopes, staples, coffee, money, and any reading material:

eccolinguistics // hotmail // com

// 142 Harvey Ave
// Lockport, NY 14094

~ by Michael Leong on December 19, 2011.

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  1. Lookin’ good.

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