The new issue of YELLOW FIELD–which arrived in the mail a few days ago–is ridiculously beautiful.  I’m honored to lead off the issue with an excerpt from my forthcoming book Cutting Time with a Knife (Black Square Editions).  I’m especially enjoying work from Cui Fei’s “Tracing the Origin” series.  There’s also writing by Peter Larkin, Janet Kaplan, John Charles Ryan, Rhys Trimble, Aisha Sasha John, Scott-Patrick Mitchell, Shane Rhodes, Megan Kaminski,  and A.L. Nielsen; an interview with Michael Basinski; and various reviews of texts and performances.  Thanks to Edric Mesmer for collating this provocative conglomeration of text, commentaries, and images.

Also of note are Edric’s recent pieces in the Cordite Poetry Review on archiving and little magazines: “To Anthologize the Now Perpetually: The Literary Situation of the Small Press and the Archive” and “Little Magazines Exemplars: A Companion Piece to ‘To Anthologize the Now Perpetually.’”

~ by Michael Leong on April 8, 2012.

One Response to “YELLOW FIELD #5”

  1. Mike, How beautiful. You’re famous now. Time cuts. Kat W.

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