Lex-ICON (Mulhouse, France, 6/7-6/9)

In preparation for the international conference “Lex-Icon: treating the image as text and the text as image,” which will be held at the Universite de Haute Alsace in Mulhouse, France from the 7th through the 9th of June, the organizers of the conference have been posting daily entries on their blog project. Posts include “single-paragraph critical writings, or mini-reviews by invited critics in English or French, as well as posts of images of new verbo-visual works by both authors and artists which will be accompanied by one-to-five line mini commentaries by the creators of these works.” Today the blog is featuring the first page of Cutting Time with a Knife, my book-length verbi-voco-visual poem that is currently in press. According to the Lex-ICON website:

We are asking such questions as “Is it emphatic attention to the physical substance of language that draws authors and visual artists together today? Or are there very different modes of representation and conceptual creation engendering cultural upheavals in artistic and literary practice? How do the practices in the early 21st century of making texts to see [sic] as if they were geometric forms, or forms to read, colors and visual sequences whose nature it had once been to reach spectators and their perceptions with an inherent immediacy, differ from those of the early or mid 20th century? and Can one simply feel thought through the gaze without ever really having the words, the grammar and thus language itself to describe it? Is a process of translation from the visual to linguistic necessary for thought to take place?”

Here are a few more excerpts from Cutting Time with a Knife–typographic hieroglyphs as geometric forms–that have been published in online journals. This is from Big Bridge:

And this is from LIES/ISLE:

~ by Michael Leong on May 17, 2012.

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