Kristina Marie Darling on Cutting Time with a Knife (Black Square Editions, 2012)

The first review of my soon-to-be-released book has been published in Stride Magazine. This is the first paragraph of what Kristina Marie Darling has to say:

Part anatomy lesson, part science textbook, and part credo, Michael Leong’s innovative new poetry collection looks to scientific discourses as a source of insight about literary history. Just as chemist Dmitri Mendeleev predicted the various chemical elements ‘by virtue of his table’s novel organization,’ Leong attempts to predict ‘the future contours of literary history’ by examining, dissecting, and reassembling the various parts of ‘the poet’ as defined by history and culture. The resulting poem, as visually stunning as it is thought-provoking, renders the manifestos of past literary movements (particularly Surrealism) compatible with a contemporary artistic landscape, offering readers a beautiful interplay between form and content all the while.

~ by Michael Leong on August 19, 2012.

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