“Conversion–>Conversation: Dora Malech & Michael Leong discuss experimentation, loneliness, and play”

In conjunction with our November reading at Studio One in Oakland, Dora Malech and I had an email discussion about such wide-ranging topics as Laurel Nakadate, social media, experimental poetry, and conceptualism…see the complete interview text here.

This is something I said in response to Dora’s question about how experimentation relates to my work:

I tend to enjoy and seek out poetry that’s labeled as “experimental,” though “experimental” is a tricky word in terms of literary history—I’m less interested in, for example, Zola’s appropriation of “experimental method” than in traditions of modernist experimentation. My own sense of experimentation has to do with putting things together that shouldn’t go together…or things that go together in odd and oblique ways—like mixing Eliot with the periodic table, mixing the language of literature with the language of science. I’m interested in what we can call a practice of radical concoction and a certain aesthetics of extremity.

~ by Michael Leong on December 7, 2012.

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