Word For/Word #21 (Winter 2013)


Madonna Bomb 2, by Dianne Kornberg

The new issue of Word For/ Word is now online–a great conglomeration of works across different media.  My contribution is a review of j/j hastain’s excellent prurient anarchic omnibus (Spuyten Duyvil/Meeting Eyes Bindery, 2011). Here’s a few sentences from the first paragraph:

We live in an age, to be sure, that fetishizes technological and aesthetic innovation and novelty; the new–whether actual or rhetorical–is always at risk of being commodified and exploited for hegemonic interests. But hastain’s insistence on the new, on the neo-, is grounded in an ethical commitment to registering and perceiving “previously undetermined structures” (24) and “things that have yet to be named” (25); this commitment is in the name of everything that fails to fit within, to quote again from hastain’s introductory note, “the dominant culture’s required structures.” Newness, according to hastain’s poetics, is not a newfangled luxury but a socio-political necessity, and prurient anarchic omnibus is a persuasive call, a kind of manifesto even, for “new classifications of loom” (17).

~ by Michael Leong on February 24, 2013.

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