The Volta – September 2013 Issue

The new issue of The Volta is up.  I have a very modest contribution in the questionnaire column called “Take Down the Clouds.”

Also check out:

Evening Will Come: Women of Visual Poetry Issue curated by Jessica Smith, including Lori Anderson Moseman, Rosaire Appel, Petra Backonja, Andrea Baker, Alixandra Bamford, Harriet Bart, C. Mehrl Bennett, Carla Bertola, Anna Boschi, Robin F. Brox, lindsay cahill, Judith Copithorne, Maria Damon, Rachel Defay-Liautard, Michelle Detorie, Johanna Drucker, Lyric Dunagan, Amanda Earl, K. S. Ernst, Kiki Franceschi, Susana Gardner, K. Lorraine Graham, Rosa Gravino, Sandra Guerreiro, Sharon Harris, Anne Marie JeanJean, Ragnhildur Jóhanns, Adeena Karasick, Aya Karpinska, Sharon Kaye, Christine Kennedy, Wendy Kramer, Donna Kuhn, Bobbi Lurie, Jill Magi, Tracey McTague, Miriam Midley, Sheila Murphy, Denise Newman, T. A. Noonan, Julia Otxoa, Pearl Pirie, Deborah Poe, Frances Presley, michèle provost, Fátima Queiroz, Zarmina Rafi, a rawlings, cia rinne, Katrina Rodabaugh, Marilyn R. Rosenberg, Jess Rowan, Jessica Smith, Matina Stamatakis, Sandra Stephenson, Carol Stetser, Bianca Stone, Meredith Stricker, Eileen Tabios, Paulette Turcotte, Chris Turnbull, Danielle Vogel, and Helen White.

In Review: D.S. Lawson on Burning City and The Arcadia Project

The Conversant: Stephen Burt and HL Hix (joint interview), Amina Cain and Veronica Gonzalez-Peña (joint interview), Tony Trigilio and David Trinidad, Joshua Marie Wilkinson and Julie Doxsee, Andy Fitch and Catherine Taylor, Andy Fitch and Joel Craig, Rosebud Ben-Oni and Robert Yune (joint interview), David Martinez and Ruben Quesada (joint interview), Thomas Fink and Jill Magi, Cynthia Arrieu-King and Sommer Browning, Timothy Shaner and Nick Piombino, Jeffrey Williams and Jonathan Culler, Afton Wilky and gtrabbit (joint interview), Lara Mimosa Montes and Masha Tupitsyn, Gina Myers and Amber Nelson (joint interview), Nature Theater of Oklahoma and Oskar Eustis, Jon Curley and Joseph Donahue, J’Lyn Chapman and Brenda Coultas, Philip Metres and Arvo Mets

The Conversant is happy to announce its merger with Essay Press. Over the next several months, Andy and Cristiana will be working on this transition. By January, The Conversant will be operating in conjunction with both Essay and The Volta.

Heir Apparent: a long series from Patty McCarthy

They Will Sew The Blue Sail: poems by Gregory Laynor | Hannah Sanghee Park | Christopher Stackhouse

Medium new video of Anne Waldman

~ by Michael Leong on September 1, 2013.

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