New Flim Forum Title: Clarity Speaks of a Crystal Sea by Afton Wilky

My review, “The Collagist’s Hand: Afton Wilky’s ‘Textureechoes,'” about Wilky’s gorgeous debut volume Clarity Speaks of a Crystal Sea just appeared in the recent edition of Hyperallergic Weekend.  I say that “the process of reading Clarity is a sort of seeking which requires being attuned to both saying and seeing, a seesawing between sound and vision with one’s sensorium astir.”  Click here to see an excerpt of the book.

In 2012, I favorably reviewed another Flim Forum book, Jennifer Karmin’s aaaaaaaaaaalice, which I called “an inventive and formally daring book for our global age; it redefines (and re-genders) areté (heroic capability)—a defining hallmark of classical epic—to include how one ethically engages with foreignness.”

It seems that Flim Forum is becoming a great venue for post-conceptual women’s writing. I will certainly be looking out for their expanding catalog.

~ by Michael Leong on September 21, 2014.

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