Announcing Finalists for the Drunken Boat Poetry Book Contest

From the Drunken Boat website…

Drunken Boat would like to announce the completion of our 2014 Poetry Contest. A big thank you goes out to all the poets who participated, making this event the huge success that it was.

As you can imagine, we received hundreds of entries and the competition was impressive to say the least. Each entry received the intimate attention it deserved, having been read by no less than two discerning readers. Our competition judge Forrest Gander considered this role as both a great privilege and responsibility. Our winner will be announced soon!

The winning manuscript will be launched in 2015 at AWP with a special DB-hosted reading at Honey in Minneapolis. Excerpts from finalist manuscripts will be published in an upcoming DB folio.

Finalists are as follows:

Words on Edge by Michael Leong
If You Love Error So Love Zero by Stephanie Anderson
Nine Dragon Island by Eleanor Goodman
Alias Irene by Elisabeth Murawski
Hospital Series by Diana Thow
My Hypertropes: Twenty-One Minus One Programmed Poems in Translation and Transversion by Amaranth Borsuk
A Skin, Tendered by Haley Larson
The Ground I Stand On Is Not My Ground by Collier Nogues
My Cage Is the Size of the World: Selected Poems by Catherine Hammond
[It] Incandescent by Amy Pence
KAFKA, OUR ANIMAL by Meredith Stricker.

Thank you for supporting Drunken Boat and for demanding that we toe the line by publishing the very best in American letters. We hope to hear from you all again in the future. For those contest entrants who purchased one of our books, we are currently at work processing orders.

Congrats again to our finalists, and thank you to everyone who supported this contest!

~ by Michael Leong on December 16, 2014.

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