Alisa Sikelianos-Carter, “Mi Amor, Mi Amor”

Issue 9 of Barzakh, the electronic literary journal at UAlbany, just went live yesterday. As the faculty adviser, I’m very proud of the graduate student staff that worked hard to put together a terrific issue of art and writing.

Contributors to the new issue include Rigoberto González, Adrian Matejka, Alicia Ostriker, Chris Tysh, Patricia Killelea, Jonah Mixon-Webster, Christine Gardiner, Nancy Klepsch, Donald Quist, Andrea Blancas Beltran, Kate Cumiskey, Kelly Bones Jones, Sarah Bokich, William C. Blome, Owen Schaefer, Jo-Ella Sarich, Devon Balwit, Andrew Duncan Worthington, Beth Gordon, Ace Boggess, Gowri Parameswaran, Robert Beveridge, Greg Hill, William Doreski, Alisa Sikelianos-Carter, and Dmitry Borshch.

~ by Michael Leong on April 19, 2017.

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