Words on Edge

Words on Edge arrived from the printer yesterday. The books look beautiful. Thanks–once again–to John Yau, publisher extraordinaire; Shanna Compton, for the smart design; and the Black Square team, especially Ronna Lebo, for making this artifact a reality.

The cover image for Words on Edge is Gary Stephan’s masterful painting “The Future of Reading 1” (2016). It is the perfect pictorial annotation of my book. Below is an apt quote from Stephan from an interview with Jennifer Samet and Suzanne Joelson:

My elevator pitch for my work is that I am using the tools of formalism to build the house of surrealism. I see formalism as a set of appearances designed to create something that’s visually dependable. The contribution of Surrealism is that it problematizes the reading of the world. If you take the appearance of formalism, but bang the cues into each other in such a way that the picture space wobbles or flickers, or doesn’t work properly — you are making a surreal proposition about formalism.

“The tools of formalism to build the house of surrealism”: that sounds like the kind of house that I want to live in.

~ by Michael Leong on May 10, 2018.

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