Among the Neighbors

The Poetry Collection at the University at Buffalo has just made available its “Among the Neighbors” pamphlet series, “dedicated to the study of little magazines from 1940 and after,” as PDF files. My contribution Teaching the Little Magazine is #10. Thanks to Edric Mesmer for his curation of this resource.

10 – Teaching the Little Magazine / Michael Leong
9 – Cultural Shape-shifters: cartonera publishers / Ksenija Bilbija
8 – Editing O.ARS: 1981-1993 / Donald Wellman
7 – Migrating Ears: Kris Hemensley’s The Merri Creek, Or Nero and H/EAR: with some brief comments on the earlier publications Our Glass, Earth Ship, and The Ear in a Wheatfield / Tim Wright
6 – A Bibliography of John Bennett’s Vagabond Press, 1966-2005 / Christopher Harter
5 – Remembering El Corno Emplumado / The Plumed Horn / Sergio Mondragón, translated with additional commentary by Margaret Randall
4 – Skanky Possum Press: A (Personal) Genealogy / Dale Smith
3 – TISH: Another “Sense of Things” / Derek Beaulieu
2 – In Search of Blew: An Eventual Index of Blewointment Magazine, 1963-1977 / Gregory Betts
1 – Poetry in the Making: A Bibliography of Publications by Graduate Students in the Poetics Program, University at Buffalo, 1991-2016 / James Maynard

~ by Michael Leong on April 28, 2020.

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