FUGITIVE PAPERWORK: Documentary practices in literature, art, and history – Nov 28 / Nov 29

Media Futures Hub presents a conversation with Joaquín Segura, Carlos Soto Román, Michael Leong, and Livia Lazzaro Rezende, facilitated by Astrid Lorange.

The conversation will focus on different approaches – across criticism, poetry, art, and history – to working with the ‘documents’ of statecraft. How do contemporary practices that work against and beyond the official archive draw our attention to the paper infrastructures that administrate state power? How do such documentary practices suggest new ways of reading the nation-state?

The event will be livestreamed:

Monday 29 November 10–11:30am (Sydney)

Sunday 28 November 3–4:30pm (Los Angeles)

Sunday 28 November 5–6:30pm (Mexico City)

Sunday 28 November 8–9:30 (Santiago)

~ by Michael Leong on November 23, 2021.

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