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Alisa Sikelianos-Carter, “Mi Amor, Mi Amor”

Issue 9 of Barzakh, the electronic literary journal at UAlbany, just went live yesterday. As the faculty adviser, I’m very proud of the graduate student staff that worked hard to put together a terrific issue of art and writing.

Contributors to the new issue include Rigoberto González, Adrian Matejka, Alicia Ostriker, Chris Tysh, Patricia Killelea, Jonah Mixon-Webster, Christine Gardiner, Nancy Klepsch, Donald Quist, Andrea Blancas Beltran, Kate Cumiskey, Kelly Bones Jones, Sarah Bokich, William C. Blome, Owen Schaefer, Jo-Ella Sarich, Devon Balwit, Andrew Duncan Worthington, Beth Gordon, Ace Boggess, Gowri Parameswaran, Robert Beveridge, Greg Hill, William Doreski, Alisa Sikelianos-Carter, and Dmitry Borshch.

La Guagua Community Poetry Festival: Voices and Translations, April 21 & April 22

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This weekend I’ll be participating as a reader in La Guagua Community Poetry Festival: Voices and Translations at Middlesex Community College in Lowell, MA. The promo poster and video are below…it promises to be a rewarding event.

Towards a Disorientalist Poetics

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My statement of poetics “Towards a Disorientalist Poetics” is up at Post-Crisis Poetics. The essay provides some critical context to “Disorientations,” one of my poetry books in progress.

And check out Post-Crisis Poetics for new posts every day this month. Other contributors so far have included Nicholas Komodore, Josef Kaplan, Brenda Iijima, Carrie Hunter, Roberto Harrison, Rob Halpern, Tongo Eisen-Martin, Helen Dimos, Jeff Derksen, alex cruse, Dereck Clemons, Olive Blackburn, and Brian Ang.

Excerpts from “Disorientations” in ARMED CELL 12

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There are some excerpts from my book-length poem in progress “Disorientations” in the new issue of Brian Ang’s zine ARMED CELL. More from “Disorientations” can be found in past simple 11.

Some Observations on Power and Poetry

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My essay “Some Observations on Power and Poetry” was just published in EVENING WILL COME: A MONTHLY JOURNAL OF POETICS 65 (April 2017), which is a special issue on “POWER AND|OF|IN POETRY” curated by the always dynamic Evie Shockley. My piece reflects upon the relationship between power and poetry in poems from the 1970s by Raúl Zurita, Audre Lorde, and Juan Luis Martínez.

Other contributors to this issue include Cameron Awkward–Rich, Lillian–Yvonne Bertram, Jaswinder Bolina, Amy Sara Carroll, Cortney Lamar Charleston, Tafisha A. Edwards, Paolo Javier, Becca Klaver, Dawn Lundy Martin, Philip Metres, Saretta Morgan, Urayoán Noel, Metta Sáma, and Stacy Szymaszek.

As Shockley says in her introduction, “Knowledge is power, and ignorance is a privilege you pay for in units of power. Those of us who have less power can less afford not to know what composes, drives, and circumscribes our worlds. In these pieces, you will find a great deal of different kinds of knowledge radiating in small but potent doses. Get in there, and come out s/w/inging . . . .”

Making a Living While Making a Difference in the Arts (U Albany; Humanities 354; Wednesday, April 5, 2:00-5:00 PM)

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An Evening with Local Writers (Hudson Valley Community College, Troy, NY; Friday, May 5, 7:30 PM – 8:45 PM)

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