Police Lineups (Epigraph, 2018)

My chapbook Police Lineups has just been released on Epigraph Magazine’s website. Police Lineups is an abecedarian series that, in forcing a linkage between graphemic and social differentiation, puts the formalism of typographical/concrete poetry within a conceptual frame. It is available as a downloadable PDF as well as an embedded slideshow.

from POLICE LINEUPS (Epigraph, 2018)

Thanks to Nicholas Bon for seeing this project through.

~ by Michael Leong on July 21, 2018.

One Response to “Police Lineups (Epigraph, 2018)”

  1. I really enjoyed reading from Transmitting the Vertical Immensity of Coniferous Light through poem a day! I’d be curious if youd be inspired to write a piece on my work, SE2OND.com is a place where some if it is featured… :) Adam

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