I, the Worst of All by Estela Lamat

I-the-Worst-of-AllMy translation of the Chilean poet Estela Lamat, I the Worst of All (BlazeVOX [books], 2009), has been published and is now on sale!

To order visit BlazeVOX or Amazon.

This is an excerpt from my introduction:

As far as contextual information, this is what is known about one of the most provocative voices to have recently emerged from Chile’s literary underground: …[Lamat] is a poet associated with the so-called ‘Novisima’ Generation, a group of various writers that re-deploys and extends the difficulty of dictatorship era writing (here one thinks of the Generation of the ‘70s and Generation NN) in response to the more diffuse and unofficial ‘dictatorships’ that continue to police and control the social body…

I, the Worst of All is a complex and heterogeneous book that combines Lamat’s intense, almost manic lyricism with her prodigious mythopoeic imagination. The result is a challenging and ambitious project that invites multiple readings and rewards extended lingerings within its dense, linguistic thicket.

 The original Spanish language edition, Yo, la peor de todas, was published in 2006 by the underground publishing house Contrabando del bando en contra.

~ by Michael Leong on May 2, 2009.

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